Ever wonder what I am doing right this second?

I periodically update this page with what is currently going on in my life. If you ever get curious, just drop on by. You can also send me an email asking "What's up?" if you are really curious. My email is matt@hensley.io


I wrapped up an experiment of making 12 new things in a year. you can see what I have made here or read the closing thoughts here.

I'm enjoying building various development tools to address needs that I have encountered while building my SaaS projects. Things like centralized configuration & identity services have had most of my attention lately.


My current focus is on API management & security. I am toying with different ways to manage APIs at scale, specifically APIs that are owned by various different clients. As a result I am working though various Pluralsight videos & books on the following


My music taste is all over the place right now. I have been jumping back and forth a bit between Novo Amor & I Prevail lately.

I'm working to transition myself more into Software Architecture, as a result I have been listening to books relating to leadership & expressing my thoughts more clearly. I'm giving To Sell Is Human a re-listen, & am giving Extreme Ownership a second chance. I wasn't really a fan the first time around.