Ship It. Even If It Sucks.

Ship It. Even If It Sucks.

I love starting things. Right now I have 13 unpublished drafts for blog articles on various topics. I am the proud owner of thirty-nine domains. Six of them are in use.

Ideas are great. I've got hundreds of them.

Working products are better.

Starting a new blog, app, or website is easy. Sitting down and doing the work & actually finishing something is hard.

Why? The doubt. The doubt in ourselves, or our abilities, or what you are working on.

If it sucks everyone will think I suck.

Most people don't actually says that to themselves but, we might as well. Putting all of your effort into something & having people dislike it sucks. Every time I click the publish button for a blog article the same thought crosses my mind, "Is this stupid?".

Everyone feels this way, even the best of us.

Ultimately what it comes down to is what is more important; feeling safe or doing something that means something to you?

Putting all of your effort into something & having people dislike it sucks. Putting all of your effort into something & no one else knowing it exists sucks more.

The sting of embarrassment is short lived & matters much more to you than anyone else.

This year, I am focusing on finishing things. My goal is to ship something new every month. It doesn't matter how incomplete or embarrassing I think it is. it will be made public.

This blog post is going to act as my running list. Every month, I will update it to include a link to whatever I have been working on. Not a description about it or beautifully crafted descriptions of what it might do. Actual links to actual working projects.

If you can't see it, it doesn't exist. Besides, what's the worst that can happen?

Here is my list. See you next month.