I am always happy to speak about .NET, marketing small products, or technical leadership. If there is a specific topic you are curious about I would love to hear about what your group is looking to learn. Send me a quick email & we can chat.

Hear are the sessions I am currently giving.

Monitizing Your Side Projects
"How can I make money from the projects I work on in my free time?" -You

Developers are really good a writing code but, many of us find it difficult to bridge the gap between creating a killer app & getting paying users.

This session walks developers through the process of turning that awesome side project into a passive revenue machine. Along the way we will cover many different considerations such as; The different payment models available, How to price your product, How to attract customers, and many more.

This session is built for developers with side projects, or who want to know the facts before they get started.

Abstraction: Enough is Enough
If the hardest part of software development is coming up with good names, then the second hardest part is finding good levels of abstraction.

This talk will lay the groundwork for identifying what areas of your application should be more abstract, which should be more concrete, & why it even matters. We will work through a real world application and solve these problems along the way. By the end of this talk you should understand why the answer to the question "How much abstraction is enough?" is always "Enough is enough".

Serverless: The Future of Software?
Serverless; It's the buzzword of the day & it seems to be everyone's answer to everything. But, what is all the fuss really about? Is it going to solve all of your app's problems?

In this session we are going to try to give you a better understanding of what the term serverless means, when you should use serverless patterns, & when you should say far far away.

By the end of the session you will be well equipped to answer your boss when they say, "Can we make it serverless?".

Your First 6 Months As Tech Lead
Congratulations, you’ve just been promoted to technical lead... Now what?

Making the transition from Software Developer to Technical Lead can be tricky as you find yourself writing less code & stepping more into a mentor & decision maker role.

This session will act as a playbook for the first 6 months in your new role as well as provide some general advice for handling difficult situations when they (inevitably) arise. We will discuss real world situations and recommend some resources for further learning & growth as you continue in your new role.

The Case Against Code
“All code written has bugs”. This statement has become so factual that we make jokes about bugs in our code & write them off as unavoidable. But what if I told you that there is one source of every bug in every piece of code ever written? What if I told you that the source of all bugs was you?
In this session we will discuss the reasons that humans are so bad at writing code & why we should make them stop. By the end, I hope to convince you that we should stop writing code all together & eliminate bugs once and for all.

Goldilocks Microservices: Getting the Design Just Right
Over the past couple of years, microservices have solidified their position as the premier way to design & develop services. However, getting the size & scope of your services right has proven to be challenging. How do you break up the monolith into services that can be maintained & consumed independently without turning them into microscopic services?
In this session we will work with a real world application to start defining the needed bounded contexts & breaking apart the monolith into microservices with clear & distinct responsibilities.