Hi. My name is Matt & I am a constant over explainer.

I'm very lucky to work with people who do not take offense to my constant over explaining. Some people tend get offended when you over explain something. For them, it is viewed as an attack on their intelligence; "Do they think I'm so dumb I don't understand X?"

I don't over explain things because I think you are dumb. I over explain things because it is important for you to have all of the background information needed for the conversation & I don't know what you know.

Personally, I like things being "over" explained to me. If I asked you to explain something, there is a 100% chance that I don't understand something. When you explain it; it is your responsibility to give me all of the information necessary for me to understand & it is my responsibility to let you know what I already know about the topic.

If one of us fails to do our part, we will end up with me still not understanding. Either because I still don't have all of the background needed or because I tuned you out when you started telling me things I already know.

Telling you what I already know is a win for both of us. I get to feel smart because I know something you thought you would need to explain & you get to get back to doing things that are not explaining things to me. Win-win.

No one enjoys having something explained and still not understanding. Don't believe me? Take if from Drake.